Monday, September 5, 2011

William's Caillou Party!!!

*Massive photo dump ahead!!*

My little man turned two last Thursday and on Saturday we had a party to celebrate!
The theme of the party was Caillou, one of William's favourite characters :)
 and then, she {snapped}

 I'm quite pleased with how the cake turned out! I hate that royal icing stuff, I much prefer yummy frosting so I made red, blue and yellow frosting and then decorated with m&m's and jaffas! The Caillou on the top is a bath toy I got from Canada on Ebay, lol. Caillou is pretty rare in Australia!

 Some of the food on the party table, yummy popcorn, chocolate crackles and mini jelly cups. I bought buckets of sidewalk chalk as party favours for the kids to take home and made little Caillou themed thank you lables :)
More party food!

 Charlotte, William and one of the little party guests enjoying the food :)

We hired Miss Fairy to come and paint the kids faces and she was BRILLIANT. You should check her out on Facebook :)

The birthday boy was first up and he chose a crocodile! He did so well right up until the end when he rubbed his face, lol.

Next up was the birthday big sister, lol who chose a Dolphin Princess :)

What a beautiful dolphin princess, complete with glitter and a sparkling jewel!

Sweet Shot Day

My eldest niece also chose the dolphin princess :)

Beautiful cousins :)

My eldest nephew went for the classic Spiderman face :D
Never dress a toddler in white for a party, lol.

Miss Fairy's face paint stash :)

My second oldest niece chose a beautiful butterfly..

 What a cutie pie!

My second eldest nephew went with a tiger!
I loved seeing the kids faces when they looked in the mirror for the first time hehe :)

My third eldest nephew (I have 9 nieces and nephews all up!) chose the T-Rex, how awesome does it look?!


This precious little doll is my second youngest niece getting a princess face :)
(yes, thats' MY precious little doll in the background wearing a hard hat and wielding a chainsaw, LOL)
 I could just pop her in my pocket, lol

Three gorgeous girls :)

Miss Fairy reflected in her mirror :)

We had a bit of time left over so Miss Fairy did some balloon animals for the kids too, what a star!
 Charlotte and her Grandma (my Mummy)

The birthday boy having a bounce! In a change of shirt, lol.

Miss Fairy even gave him a touch up before she left :D

He's such a little monkey!

My second youngest nephew changed his mind at the last minute and got his face done too with some spiders, complete with spider bite!

Then it was time for cake!!
This is where I dropped the ball and didn't check my camera settings, bad Mummy!
And the m&m's and jaffa's had started to discolour after being in the fridge, boo :(

But I made up for it with some cute cake eating shots!
He really shovelled it in there!
After the cake it was time for the pinata! Filled with lots of junky toys and lollies, just what kiddies need haha!

You might remember my littlest nephew from his newborn shoot! He's a bit young for face painting so he went with a pirate eye patch out of the pinata haha!

My besties kiddos lining up their loot :D
At the end of the day there wasn't *too* much mess, though I probably might not serve popcorn at a party again!!

NapTime MomTog
If you made it to the end, thank you SO much for stopping by, lol.


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Cedar said...

Wow! So many wonderful captures and the face painting--amazing! What a fun birthday!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

That was an amazing birthday and so many wonderful photos!

Jenny said...

What a totally fun birthday party! Jealous of your photography skills. Love the face painting. And the cake eating photos are to. die. for. Happy Birthday to your little guy!

Shelley said...

Great photos Chelle, the fairy was fabulous with her art, good choice!!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness. I LOVE the pictures. They are so fantastic. The face painter was fantastic. I am going to and like her page even though chances are good I will never get to come to Australia to utilize her services. What beautiful work!

Your party looks like SO much fun. I laughed out loud about the toddler in the white shirt! Good advice! : )

Happy Birthday to your baby!

4 Lettre Words said...

Oh, wow! What a fantastic celebration, Michelle. Luke would LOVE that cake. :)

Buckeroomama said...

Michelle, what a fantastic cake you made... and wow, that party! You are such a great mommy to put all that together. =)

LOVE the face paint --they're awesome! SUPER love the photos that you took... they`re amazing!

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Wow, you made that cake yourself?! I'm way impressed. This party looks like such a blast! Major props to you for putting it all together (and keeping your good spirits)! Truly a fun time.

Callie @ said...

Gorgeous pics - awesome face painting! That crocodile is super cool, and the pic of your lil dude shovelling cake into his face is priceless. :)

Melissa said...

Beautiful photos, Michelle! (Guess my invite got lost in the mail..... :P )

Lil Mama Stuart said...

How fun! Lovely pictures. Such a simple yet beautiful sweets table, I'll be pinning it!

Unknown said...

Omg! I'm having a face painter at wyatts birthday this year too! Now I can't wait! This looks like a blast.

claire said...

Those are such great photos! Happy birthday to William! :)

Gina Kleinworth said...

What an absolutely DELIGHTFUL time! I love the vibrancy in these- SO AWESOME!

Jade said...

Shell, if I have told you once I have told you a thousand times... you are such an incredibly talented lady and your beautiful kids are sooo lucky to have such a clever Mummy! The whole party looked fantastic! The attention to detail....OMG! Miss Fairy is super talented as well, just like you <3

An Apel a Day said...

Oh my goodness! THAT PARTY ROCKED! I love the cake and the face paintings!

Shannon said...

How fun, great shots!

Anonymous said...

What a great party! That face painter is AMAZING!

Unknown said...

All of these photos are amazing. You did a great job on the party and that is some of the best face painting that I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

OH MY!!! I do not even know where to begin. First off AWESOME party. Can we come next time? Second those face paintings are sooo coool. I love the cake, the decorations, the food, the fun, the PHOTOS. They are amazing!!! How fun. Seriously. I want to hire you and her for my next party. To decorate, take photos and do face painting. How neat.

Joanne said...

Beautiful pics and awesome face paintings! Enjoyed stopping by.

kyna... said...

Wow! The party looks great Michelle! Good job Momma!
♥ Kyna

Valeria said...

Happy birthday little man. Fun captures

Sharon said...

Miss Fairy certainly rocked that party! I love that Goonies shirt : ).

~The Bargain Babe from *Zucchini Summer Blog* said...

Love the nephew with an eye patch! ha!

You did a great job on the cake too!

Anonymous said...

I love this and is my inspiration for my son's b-day party. How do you create the chalk bucket favors? All the buckets I find have labels on them already. Did you remove the label and apply the customized one? Help!!!

Michelle said...

Yes I just peeled the labels off and stuck my own on in place :) When I did the same favours for my daughters Rapunzel party I couldn't get the labels off so I just stuck mine over the top! Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

It does! Thank you. What a beautiful family!

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